Sunday, February 21, 2016

Likutei Etzot PDF Download Version 2

This is the latest version of Likutei Etzot, R' Nahman's practical advice, extracted from his teachings from Likutei Moharan and Sihot HaRan. Click here for the free PDF download. I began translating it according to the Hebrew alphabetical order that it is written in, but I've been continuing the translation according to English alphabetical order. Here's a list of the topics in the PDF:


-Brit Kodesh


-Desire and Yearning
-Dispute and Discord


-Hitbodedut (incomplete)


-Land of Israel

-Pride and Humility

-Shame and Brazenness
-Speech (incomplete)

-Truth and Faith

There are several more topics to go, and I'm determined to finish translating them all very quickly, directly into the PDF instead of on this blog.

Please help spread Rebbe Nahman's advice which is the most needed thing in this world at this time. Spread it across the entire universe.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Another 'Coincidence'

I recently began re-learning hil. Isurei Bi'a in Mishne Torah. I covered the chapters there about the laws of nida. I finished last week, and on Shabbat I randomly opened up to Torah 30 in Liquttei Moharan ("LM"), which I went through twice during Shabbat. Then, the next day, I opened up Liqutei Halakhoth ("LH") (concepts from R' Nahhman's teachings, mainly from LM, explained regarding halakha). As I opened LH to the section covering the laws of nida - lo and behold it began quoting Torah 70 of LM, the Torah I'd just happened to open to on Shabbat.