Likutei Moharan Summaries

Likutei Moharan I
(Likutei Moharan is the book recording all the main teachings given over by Rebbe Nahman. It is not merely a book, rather, it is a living organism and it's teachings are pertinent throughout all time because they relay practical action from very high spiritual realities that shape our physical reality. Therefore, following through with the advice of Likutei Moharan is the most important thing that a servant of HaShem could do. Rebbe Nahman proves all his points and draws all of his teachings from the Tanakh, statements of Hazal (the Sages of blessed memory) from both Talmudim and the Midrashim, from the Torah revelations of Rashbi in the Holy Zohar, and from the Torah of the Arizal.)

Torah 1 - (Importance of Israel, effect of learning Torah, how prayers are accepted, elevating the Kingdom of Holiness, and more)

Torah 2 - (Personal and secluded conversation with HaShem, prayer, the Messiah and his main weapon, the Tzadik, tikun habrit/correcting sexual promiscuity in thought, word, and action, war)

Torah 3 - (Good and bad music, the effect of learning oral Torah at night, elevating the Kingdom of Holiness)

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