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Likutei Etzot (Compilations of Advice), Knowledge 7-14

Knowledge (continued)

7. One who damages the honor of the true tzadik has the light of the intellect and knowledge closed and he is unable to attain new insights in the Torah. He is also considered a dead man. (From Likutei Moharan I, 21)

8. Sometimes the mind and knowledge become hidden, and then crying out [works] well for a person, whether during prayer or [learning] Torah. Through this he births forth mind and knowledge. (There^)

9. A person is essentially intellect and knowledge. Therefore, wherever the intellect ponders is where that person is. Therefore, one must very much run away from evil thoughts, in order to not set one's place there, God forbid. One must bend and force himself to [think] good thoughts, in order that he'll merit to know and to reach awareness of HaShem. Hence, that he'll be there, exactly, and incorporated in HaShem. All the more one knows, the more he is incorporated into him and merits eternal life and merits to wholeness of knowledge and is saved from all lack. (There^)

10. All of the judgments, God forbid, are drawn from a lack of knowledge, causing anger and cruelty. Therefore, one who is sick [is one whom] judgments are out upon him and his mind is detracted; therefore, he is angry. However, through greatness of knowledge are all judgments sweetened and canceled out [as well as] anger and cruelty being canceled out, meriting great mercy and knowing that all that comes across a person is all for good because it is entirely good. (There^)

11. All of the greatness and good that the nations of the world have now - it is all for our good and greatness. Even though now it is impossible to understand all this, for one cannot deny the reality - even so, in the future, knowledge will increase until even the nations of the world themselves will know and understand that all their greatness and good - all of it was for our good. (There^)

12. The main comfort of all sorrows and the main hope and the main life of the world to come and it's delight is only an attainment of holy knowledge, which is to know HaShem truly. All will become pure and merit this in the future, even the nations of the world, as it is written "for the world will be filled with knowledge of HaShem..." (Isaiah 11). However, there will be a great difference and distinction between their [the nations'] awareness and our awareness, because that which will be considered a great and wondrous attainment [of knowledge] by them will be a joke and a simple matter by us. Also, between Israel themselves there will be a great distinction between each tzadik, and especially so between a tzadik and the wicked; for everyone will attain [awareness] according to his service [of HaShem] and his strain and bother which he hassled, strained, and suffered the bitterness of this world for Hashem. Even great tzadikim, when they will arrive to the world to come on the attainments that the great tzadik attained in this world, they will be amazing things by them and they'll blaze and be enthused by them. And by this great tzadik, from them, it will be a simple thing, for also in this world he attained these attainments; and that which he will attain in the world to come will be much, much greater, and thus [it will be] between a person and his friend. Understand well and place your heart well on these matters, that you'll see to prepare for yourself life for eternity, and if you'll have been wise, you'll have been wise for yourself. (There^)

13. When a person thinks good thoughts about Torah and service [of HaShem], through this he merits to understand more at each time. Through that, he is saved from ambush and assault, and all of the destructive [forces] will run from him and he won't fear them at all. (There^)

14. The month of Elul a time that is a segula for knowledge; that is, that one will merit to attain the makifin of the intellet and to make the makif internal, until he will have other makifin and through this he makes garments for this soul and is spared from every ambush and assault, as stated above. (There^)

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