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Everything About Everything

In parashath Paqudhei, the final parasha of Shemoth, Midrash Raba comments on the beginning of the parasha where the word 'mishkan' is doubled. It states, basically, that the Mishkan is related to the word 'mashkon', meaning a pledge or a loan. Thus as it's written in the Torah "mishkan, mishkan" and the Sages in M"R state to read it "mishkan, mashkon".

M"R continues to say that at the time the Mishkan and/or Beith HaMiqdash is standing, it is a clear testament to HaShem's approval with His people Israel, and agreement to dwell with them. During this time, we are ensured not only survival from the hostile nations of the earth that often seek to not only oppose but destroy us, but actually that we will at our rightful place as head over them. These times are indicative of the days of the Messiah, which should come quickly in our days with HaShem's help, and that especially the days of the David and Solomon were a great foreshadowing of the days of the Messiah who will reinstate the Davidic Kingdom.

M"R states that the idolatrous nations of the earth seek to topple HaShem's rule over the earth, not through destroying HaShem which even they themselves know is impossible, but through removing His people Israel.

This not only includes the idolatrous gentiles, but also the Christians and Muslims who each say that Israel is completely or largely obsolete since either Christianity or Islam contains the 'new' path, or the 'corrected' path. Atheists do no different, by saying that there is no soul, and there is no difference from one human being to the next - meaning, they do not believe there is any special sanctity to the Jewish people, since they don't even believe in the idea of the human soul which is divine in nature. They think we're all monkeys, and primates, and this absolves them from any moral responsibility beyond that which they think is 'beneficial' to the physical well being of human beings, which is hedonism.

The Zohar states fascinating things about how Besal'el, who is from the tribe of Judah, and is associated with the right side, the side of mercy, (since Mosha stated, you are "ba-sel El", in the shadow of God, the same exact letters which spell his name, Besal'el; and the Name 'El' is associated with the right side of mercy), whereas Oholi'av, also involved in the work of the Mishkan, was from Dan, which is din (judgment), the left side of judgment and severity. These two opposites would be left misunderstood and conflicted, which they are by almost the whole world, if it weren't for Mosha, who is the embodiment of Da`ath Qodhesh, divine knowledge (the same as Ruah HaQodhesh and Nevu'a, Prophecy).

The aspect of divine knowledge, embodied by the Sadiq who is the aspect of Mosha, properly unifying the right and left is explained in many ways and facets throughout R' Nahman's teachings and conversations. It is also paralleled in Avraham, Yis'haq, and Ya`aqov who were mercy, judgment, and then the balance of them, i.e. da`ath, respectively. These are paralleled in the three classifications of the Jewish people: Kohen, Lewi, and Yisro'el.

The two opposites coming together via true da`ath results, as we see in the Torah, in the finalized construction of the Mishkan. These are the necessary ingredients in making the Mishkan. However, there is only one Sadiq who had the capability to build the Mishkan, and this was Mosha Rabenu.

A blemish in sexuality, meaning some sort of sin in the thoughts, words, or actions of a person in the realm of perversion and promiscuity is a blemish in da`ath, divine knowledge or divine awareness; in the thought. Since all begins in the thought and that is stated multiple times throughout the Tanakh, that HaShem created everything in hokhma, wisdom. Wisdom is one of the three minds or three brains, and all three of them are blemished via a sexual sin of any sort - since it all begins in the thought.

This is why the generation of the flood were punished in the boiling hot water of the flood, since they had wasted the seed, the drops of the brain, which are hot liquid. Spilling seed creates demonic forces, since the life potential goes to the 'outer' forces, since they are not places 'inside', in the right place. Demons are caught up between heaven and earth, i.e. they fly in the air. Thus, when the generation of the flood had committed sexual sins of various kinds, including spilling seed and abortion ("'nafillim' were in the earth" can be read 'nafalim', aborted fetuses, God forbid) - the destruction of life and it's potential for the sake of physical pleasure - they died in hot water alluding to seed, and were caught up in the water and were thus hung between heaven and earth. This was a measure-for-measure judgment for them, since this is what they did to the potential souls they destroyed by spilling seed. All of this I read in the Kithvei Ari z"l.

This is tied in directly with the building of the Mishkan, because as I had written previously on this blog, drawing from Torah 70 of Liqutei Moharan I, the Mishkan had the force of gravity, drawing qadhusha to it, as its name implies (MiShKan = MoSheKh/pulling) The Sadiq who is in the aspect of Mosha also has the force of gravity, because he makes himself like dust, annuls his ego and his own desire for HaShem's will. He does this to such a degree, he is beyond a kosher Jew, and this is why HaShem chooses him to lead Israel.

After the sin of the golden calf, Mosha pleaded with HaShem for Israel's sake and offered his own destruction in place of theirs. Only a Sadiq like this can lead Israel, hence Rashb"i, the Ari z"l, and R' Nahman, since in Shemoth 32:32 Moshe's pleading read backwards spells "I am Nahman" in Hebrew, with the scrambled letters of "MeUman" after that. This is a miraculous portent for us, now. Rashbi's name, Shim`on Ben Yohai is the same gematria of Nahman Ben Simha. The Ari z"l passed at 38 after revealing unparalleled revelations of the Torah - as did R' Nahman. These three Sadiqim along with Mosha are all essentially the same. It is necessary to recognize this, believe it, and internalize it.

Thus, the building of the Mishkan is only by the Mosha of the generation who is as the Mishkan. I don't remember the source, but Mashiah will be from Judah, paralleled by Besal'el who was also from Judah and was associated with the right side of mercy. His adviser, second-in-command, will be from Dan, the side of judgment. Who is in the middle mediating them? The latest Mosha, R' Nahman MeUman.

This is why R' Nahman stated that the Messiah will be a Breslover, and will write a commentary to Liqutei Moharan, since R' Nahman's teachings are the Torah of the Messiah and the Torah of the Days of the Messiah. This is why he said that the whole world will be Breslovers, since in the future, the whole world will acknowledge HaShem according to a higher state of awareness, i.e. da`ath qodhesh, and have a greater awareness of HaShem. This greater awareness is ushered in by Rabenu Nahman's Torah - that is how essential and great it is. In fact, it is a later of the Torahs of the previous Moshas, including and primarily the Ari z"l and Rashbi.

This is also why R' Nahman stated that the redemption leading to the Days of the Messiah, are dependent upon people drawing closer to the Sadiqim - and we know that means especially to he himself. However, coming to this realization is determined by a person's level of tiqun habrith, that is, corrected and blemish-less sexual conduct in thought, word, and deed. To be able to grasp his Torah, and to be able to attain da`ath qodhesh and ruah haqodhesh, one must guard himself from and remove any sexual perversion and thus rectify his mind to be able to receive the heightened awareness of HaShem and His Torah, and to fear Him truly, that being dependent on awareness of His omnipresence.

The whole Torah was founded on tiqun habrith, which is the secret to the brith mila which is not a meaningless physical ritual whatsoever, if you understand the Torah of the Sadiqim. Through this, we can help give our donations, the half sheqel, to establish the Mishkan, the Beith HaMiqdash, which will come our Messiah, soon in our days.

Perhaps it makes some sense, now, as to why I titled this post "everything about everything". Tiqun habrith and drawing closer and becoming connected to the Sadiqim is truly everything.

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