Saturday, April 4, 2015

Eliyahu on Gog uMagog

In Tanna Devei Eliyahu, Eliyahu haNavi speaks of the battle of Gog uMagog in several instances. Here I will sum up what is stated and cite where it can be found in the book. This is for all the confused Breslovers and everyone else who thinks Gog uMagog is "only spiritual" or that it is a bad prophecy which can be averted via teshuva. Negative prophecies can be averted, but Gog uMagog is NOT a negative prophecy!

In TDE 1:6,
It states that the nations must be destroyed and descend to Gehinnom on account of having put their hands on Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. "Know that it is so", for when Nebuchadnezzar summoned many nations to besiege Jerusalem (because it used to be when you wanted to conquer Jews you had to outnumber them thousands or hundreds of thousands to one), the nations were not yet doomed to be destroyed and descend to Gehinnom. After the destruction of Jerusalem, the worst was decreed for the nations in general. HaShem will amass a huge revenge on the hills of Israel to destroy many nations collectively, and cites Zechariah 1:15, 14:1,3 and Micah 5:14.

In TDE 3:3,
It states that for that which will occur in the future, HaShem has done a little bit of already and gives several examples. The last of the examples translated is: "in the future, there will be the blood, carnage, and destruction of Gog uMagog for the nations on the hills of Israel. A little bit [of a foretaste of this] is being done; blood, carnage, and destruction on our oppressors, as our eyes see every single day.

In TDE 5:9:
States that just as the nations have done horrendous affliction to Israel, so will HaShem amass the nations on the hills of Israel to suffer carnage, destruction, and torture, feeding their flesh to the birds of the sky and beasts of the field, with no one to have any regard for their corpses. It goes on to quote Ezekiel 39 which likens the event to a big sacrificial banquet that HaShem will prepare for the birds and beasts, wherein they will feast on flesh to satiation and drink blood to intoxication. Then all the nations will see HaShem's judgment and the hand he placed on them, and Israel will then know HaShem is their God from that day on. This section of TDE goes on to say more.

So I must come to ask, why would a Jew who has been oppressed for over two thousand years straight by various nations, suffering horribly throughout, not rejoice at the fact that HaShem will dish out revenge by our very own hands? Are they rendered so beaten they wish for no such revenge? Is it possible there could be no revenge here on this earth in order to sanctify HaShem's Name which the nations denounced by saying, "these are Jews? God's supposed chosen? Why are they so easy to kill?"

An even better question to ask is, do these people read Tanakh and Midrashim? If so, do they read it for its sake, or do they read it through the lense of their own horribly mistaken opinions?

The remedy for them is to begin at the beginning and the foundation of serving HaShem, namely truth. If a person is motivated to find the truth and they learn Torah with that pure motive of truth, they will not end up skewing what they read or falling for false rabbis nor will they skew the words of true rabbis to fit their tragic misconceptions.

The reason I speak so bluntly is because I care. I care about the my people, my brothers, and I cannot stand seeing the reality on the ground in such miserable shape. Please wake up! Things are happening fast and now is the time to stop living in your little dream land, fantasy world. Your little bubble. If you're comfortable in these times, you likely have no idea what is going on. It is one thing to be confident in HaShem and another to be ignorant of the facts because you've been duped by some false rabbi or you've assumed a real rabbi meant something he didn't. Again, all it takes is the aspect of truth and some hitbodedut.

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