Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hashkafa Help

What a week. Just walking to the bus stop outside my house, I had a conversation with a few Breslov children. I've also been arguing online with another NaNah who claims the war of Gog uMagog will not be physical at all. That is some kooky garbage that is par for the course for both Chabad and Christianity.

So I'd like to make some statements out of immense emuna in the validity of them:

- Jumping up and down in a street singing about HaShem and Sadiqim is not a hilul HaShem. If it were, Dawid HaMelekh would have been doing something wrong war-dancing before the Aron HaBrith. Mikhal had a problem with him, and look what she was cursed with as a result. You didn't think of that, little nine-year-old Breslov kid with a bad attitude because your dad never disciplines you, did you?

- Gog uMagog is spiritual and physical. The spiritual wave of atheism and lack of belief permeates even into the Haredi world. It is something Rebbe Nahman predicted would come upon the whole world. However, Rebbe Nahman in no way stated that there would never be a physical Gog uMagog, as recorded in a previous post, Reb Nahman likely did a real physical reenactment with real flesh and blood - definitely for some deep reason we have no idea about. Anyone who thinks Gog uMagog will not be a real war is a fool and a denier of Tanakh. Tanna Dvei Eliyahu also states quite plainly that Gog uMagog will be a physical war including the deaths of all those who oppressed Israel over our exile, as a huge revenge by HaShem.

- You cannot interpret Rebbe Nahman's words outside of halakha. Pronouncing Hebrew correctly is something that is required by HaShem for all Jews at certain times. It is possible to learn how to pronounce Hebrew correctly today, whereas 100, 200 or more years ago, this might have been impossible for many Jewish communities who had an inaccurate tradition.

- Abstaining from kitniyot is a custom, not halakha. Ashkenazim are not bound by this custom in Israel. One certainly cannot treat it like hames ("chametz"), for example, if one eats a place of rice, the other will not eat anything off of it because they consider kitniyot as hames. This is silly and halakha, Hazal clearly state that no hames derives from kitniyot. It may be a nice custom for those who do it, and that is fine, but it is not obligatory, especially not in Israel since it is a custom of exile.

- Saba's statement that he is Na Nah Nahma Nahman MeUman is not literal. Anyone who believes it is mistaken and silly. Saba is referring to becoming the essence of the Sadiq by drawing closer to him, being connected to him, and following his advice. It doesn't mean he was literally Rebbe Nahman.

-Saba's statement that he is the king and we all must accept it does not mean he is the Messiah. He certainly was the main Sadiq of his time and a branch of Rebbe Nahman.

-Uman is not over. Rebbe Nahman, however, should be brought back to Israel where he belongs. His body, not corpse, since Sadiqim do not rot in the grave, they are merely taking long naps with their body fully intact. May we all be spared from hibut haqever which is even more terrible than the punishment of Gei Hinnom, as per Sha`arei Qedusha.

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