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Likutei Etzot, Knowledge 21-30

Knowledge (continued)

21. You also must know, that even if you are sunken in the realm of the klipot, and you're on a very low level to the point that it seems to you that you're no longer able to draw closer to HaShem since you became so distanced from him - even so, know that even in the place you are, you can also find His Godliness there; and you can attach yourself to Him from there and turn in complete repentance. It is not far from you, rather, in your place the clothing (the concealment) [of Godliness] is great. (From Likutei Moharan I, 33)

22. The one who overpowers his inclination and forces his evil inclination [to subside and conform to his good inclination] is very much comparable to an angel of HaShem of Legions, and even in worldly things he can collect letters of the Torah. Even when he speaks with gentiles or sees their traits, he knows [their] vitality [from] Godliness; that is, the [Hebrew] letters of the Torah en-clothed there. And he merits that they (the Hebrew letters) will reveal secrets of the Torah to him. That is, the Hidden and Ancient Torah, and he merits to taste a taste of the light of love within [divine] knowledge. This 'love' is above time and above dimensions. And he will see and attain this good and hidden light, that being the Hidden Torah and the hidden tzadikim. (There^)

23. The more one goes from level to level the more he draws closer to HaShem, and he is able to know HaShem with an exceeding understanding. He is able to love himself with HaShem with exceeding love. (There^)

24. Everyone must attach his heart to his [divine] knowledge; for every one among Israel knows that there is a God, in general, and according to this knowledge, it would definitely be proper to annul all his bad desires and traits. However, the wicked are under the authority of their heart, and all desires and traits are in the heart. Therefore, everyone must see to it to attach their hearts to their [divine] knowledge; that the heart will be under the authority of their knowledge and that he will force his heart and desires to [conform to] this general knowledge of HaShem, that the whole earth is filled with His glory, until he breaks and annuls all his desires via this awareness.
Through this, one merits the light of the love of [divine] awareness, which is the hidden light, the Hidden Torah and the hidden tzadikim. (There^)

25. Wisdom is the source of all things. Therefore, all must guard their intellects from foreign intellects. For essentially, the wisdom to acquire wholeness is only Godly wisdom, and the other wisdom is only null wisdom and not wisdom at all. (From Likutei Moharan I, 35)

26. At the time of birth, everyone's intellect is contracted; and when one begins to use it in contemplating serving HaShem, then his intellect grows greater. However, when one puts foreign thoughts into his mind, which are foreign wisdoms, then the holiness of his intellect decreases according to the place [that] the foreign wisdom [takes up]. Upon this foreign intellect, all the bad and obscene traits come together and connect. (There^)

27. Therefore, one must guard his intellect and thought very well, that no foreign thought or foreign wisdom will enter into his mind. This is mainly what repentance and rectification for all sins is - when one overcomes, casting all foreign thoughts out of his mind and intellect. For the intellect is the soul (translator's note: "the neshama", which is the specific aspect of a person's soul correlating to the realm of thought), and when he sanctifies his intellect, his soul, through this he elevates and returns everything to its source. That is essentially what repentance is. (There^)

28. When a person guards himself from foreign intellects, he furthermore must renew his intellect all the time. By this, his soul is renewed; for the intellect is the soul.

29. The overpowering of the evil inclination, which is the original snake, is mainly upon the Torah scholars and learners who have especially great knowledge. For he (the original snake) is always coiled against them because they have a higher intellect/soul. The main thing is to guard one's mind against bad thoughts very well, for upon them is the whole construct of the evil inclination, God forbid. (There^)

30. The renewal of the intellect, which is renewal of the soul, is through sleep. For when the mind wearies, then through sleep it is renewed. And at the time of sleep, the mind, which is the soul, comes into faith; in the aspect of, "new things of the mornings, great is Your faithfulness" (Lamentations 3). (There^)

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