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Likutei Etzot, Knowledge 36-42

Knowledge (Continued)

36. One must really look upon his ways, to see and contemplate well all of the matters and reasons that HaShem sets and brings to him every single day. Each day holds different thoughts, words, and actions from one's acquaintances, and he must know that HaShem contracts His Godliness from infinity unto finitude, to the very center point of the physical world which the person stands in.

And He sets for each person thoughts, words, and actions according to the day, according to the person, and according to the place. And He dresses up hints [within those thoughts, words, and actions] in order to draw one closer to serving Him. Therefore, a person must look at all of this and expand his mind and intellect, to look upon and contemplate every thought, word, and action that HaShem orders him each day; to understand from them the hints that HaShem hints to him, and to draw closer to Him each time from whatever place he is at.

In all matters, in business, and in all the things in the world that HaShem sets for a person each day - in all of them there are specific hints that HaShem hints to him each time, to draw closer to Him. One must expand one's awareness and look upon this well. (From Likutei Moharan I, 54)

37. However, one must be careful to contract his mind so as not to delve his thought too much into this; not to exit the bounds of holiness. That is, that one's thought shouldn't shoot out as a result of this, into philosophical inquisition and confusions, God forbid. Rather, [one should think] according to [normal] human intellect, thus should he expand his thought in this. And also, one shouldn't look beyond his level, for "that which is beyond you, don't inquire". (There^)

38. 'Big shots' are usually fools. (From Likutei Moharan I, 55)

39. One must be careful of the proliferation of wisdom, that his wisdom should not be greater than his deeds. For the main strengthening of the heart, to draw closer to the truth, to HaShem and His holy Torah, is only through good deeds. However, one whose intellect is greater than his good deeds, his heart has no strength to properly prepare the intellect in holiness. Then, through this, his intellect causes to sin more. Therefore, one must distance himself from the proliferation of vain wisdom, which is the wisdom of the world. Greater yet should one distance himself from the 'wisdom' of philosophy, [instead he should] only annul his intellect to the men of truth who walk in the path of truth, according to what we received from our Sages of blessed memory (see sec. Inquisition, #6). (There^)

40. All must know that HaShem is hidden (so-to-speak) within all the concealments that are in the world. For there are two kinds of concealments. There is a concealment and a concealment within a concealment. When HaShem is hidden within [only] one concealment, it's still hard to find him. However, even so, it's possible to weary and strive until finding Him, since one knows HaShem is hidden from him.

However, when HaShem is hidden in a concealment within a concealment; that is, that the concealment itself is concealed from one, to the point that he doesn't know HaShem is concealed from him - then it is very hard to find Him. This is drawn from a multitude of sins, God forbid.

When one sins and repeats it, and it is made to seem as if permissible [to the person] - this is one concealment. However, when one who sins more, God forbid, he falls into the aspect of concealment within a concealment. But truly, even there in the concealment within a concealment, He is hidden. For without His vitality, nothing in the world could exist.

Therefore, via the power of learning Torah, it's possible to change the concealments to awareness. To know that HaShem is even hidden there - even in the force of a concealment within a concealment. [This one becomes aware of] until he hears, wherever he is, the proclaiming voice of the Torah, which proclaims and cries out: "Until when, fools, will you love foolishness?" (Proverbs 1). (From Likutei Moharan I, 56)

41. According to the expansion of [divine] awareness/knowledge, is how easy one's livelihood is. Everyone who lacks knowledge more, he wearies and toils after a livelihood more. (There^)

42. According to the expansion of [divine] awareness/knowledge is how much peace increases. For dispute, anger, and cruelty is from a lack of knowledge. All the more knowledge increases, mercy, kindness, and peace increase. Through this, one merits healing. (There^)

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