Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Likutei Etzot, Hitbodedut 4-9

Hitbodedut (continued)

4. Within everyone is a very precious good point, the desire of which is always very strong to do only the will of it's Creator. However, the lusts break one's heart, and through this, one's heart is far from this [good] point. Therefore, one must speak between himself and his Creator in order to enlighten the aspect of the [good] point within him, to his heart. Through this, he'll nullify the foreskin of his heart, that is, evil love which is the disgrace of the heart that breaks the heart of a man (see sec. Tzadik, #42). (From Likutei Moharan I, 34)

5. One must habituate himself to speak between him and his Creator with great truth to the fullest, until he starts speaking words of truth from the heat that is within his heart, until he becomes very ashamed before HaShem over the greatness of his transgressions before the Master and Ruler, Essence and Source of all the universes (see sec. Shame, #2 and sec. Speech, #7). (From Likutei Moharan I, 38)

6. Everyone must see to it to become incorporated into their source. And to become incorporated into one's source requires having [self] nullification. And it is impossible to have [self] nullification except through hitbodedut. For through doing hitbodedut between himself and HaShem, he can annul everything and cling to HaShem and [thus] be incorporated into his source. (From Likutei Moharan I, 52)

7. Hitbodedut [should] essentially [be done] at night, because then all are sleeping. It is also good that the place [where hitbodedut is done] is outside of the city; that one will walk on a lonesome path, a place where no one goes even during the day. Doing this hitbodedut at night on a lonesome path, turning his heart and mind away from the matters of this world and annulling everything, until annulling himself completely - meaning, that at the beginning he prays a lot until he annuls one trait and afterwards annuls another trait, then afterwards annuls himself completely, that no pride and no substance remain within him until he makes himself as completely nothing, attaining the aspect of true [self] nullification and through this becoming incorporated into his source. Through this, the whole world is incorporated with him into his source, meaning that all is incorporated with him into the Oneness of HaShem. (There^)

8. Night is the main time for hitbodedut. That is, to do hitbodedut between oneself and his Creator, to elucidate one's conversation before HaShem. To meditate with his heart and to search for the the good spirit, that is, the good points within him yet, to separate them from the evil spirit until he pours out his heart like water before the face of HaShem. By this, he'll attain joy and the suppression of the medame from which [derive] all urges. Through this, he'll attain memory, to remember the world to come and constantly think about his purpose and final end for the world to come, until he merits to truly return to HaShem. (From Likutei Moharan I, 54)

9. When a person prays with devekut or does hitbodedut properly, and then in the middle [of it] he falls from his level - this is drawn from a blemish in faith. And then, he needs to break his heart within himself and become ashamed of himself from having fallen from Heaven to earth. He should have mercy on himself until he sighs, and through that sigh he'll return to his level. (From Likutei Moharan I, 108)

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