Sunday, November 8, 2015

Likutei Etzot, Speech 10-17

Speech (continued)

10. Via lashon hara, the koah hamedame increases, because [divine] awareness leaves one through lashon hara. And one falls from love of HaShem, falling into animalistic 'love', which is all of the lusts, all of which come from the koah hamedame, which is the animalistic force that increases via lashon hara. Memory is thereby blemished and one falls to forgetfulness which the death of the heart; [meaning], that his heart is dead within him and he doesn't place it upon his heart to constantly remember the world to come, where therein is eternal life. He (such a person), while living, is called dead since he doesn't place upon his heart to remember his eternal purpose [to serve HaShem] every day. (From Likutei Moharan I, 54)

11. Through lashon hara one doesn't have surviving male children. (There^)

12. When the generation doesn't guard their mouths from lashon hara and other blemished speech, the fit of the generation stumble into pride, God forbid. This is an aspect of the exile of the Divine Presence. (From Likutei Moharan I, 58)

13. Via the lust for food and drink, speech is drawn into exile, jammed between the front and back of the neck and thus one cannot speak anything before HaShem. The remedy for this is fasting. (From Likutei Moharan I, 62)

14. Through wicked speech, like lashon hara, gossip, lies, [improper] jest, flattery, and embarrassing one's fellow in public, profanity, idle talk, and all other kinds of wicked speech, particularly lashon hara against tzadikim and good people - through all these [kinds of] wicked speech are wings made for the serpent so he'll be able to fly and greatly harm the world, God forbid. Meaning, through this the 'wisdom' of philosophy and heresy, which are an aspect of the original snake, increase and spread out. The evil 'wisdom' [of the philosophers and heretics] increases and flies around and greatly harms the world, God forbid, by lashon hara. However, wings for holiness are made through holy speech. (From Likutei Moharan I, 63)

15. One must put forth effort to serve HaShem with every drop of blood existent on one's body. That is, speaking much in Torah [learning] and prayer until all one's blood is made into (used for) holy speech of Torah and prayer - then one will merit peace and will annul the characteristic of [needing to] win [an argument] and dispute. For the characteristic of [needing to] win [an argument] and dispute is drawn from blood that hasn't yet been used to serve HaShem with. (From Likutei Moharan I, 75)

16. Through words of Torah and prayer, all the fallen sparks are raised and all the fallen universes are repaired and renewed, and it is considered as if one has created the heavens, earth, and all the universes anew. Therefore, one must speak only holy words and no other words, in order to raise the sparks and repair all the universes, and through this the coming of the Messiah comes nearer. (There^)

17. One must speak much in Torah and prayer, until the body is completely annulled, as naught and nothing. This is merited through fear that by which one merits peace, and further by which all the blessings [from HaShem] are drawn. (There^)

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