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Likutei Etzot (Compilations of Advice), The Land of Israel 12-20 (end)

The Land of Israel (continued)

12. The command of halla corresponds to inheriting the Land of Israel because through halla one merits to draw the light of the merit of the Forefathers, and through that, one merits to reveal the holiness of the Land of Israel and to all that is stated above. (From Likutei Moharan I, 55)

13. One whose intent is truly for Heaven, that he travels to the Land of Israel in order to return through that to HaShem, the Land of Israel will definitely benefit him very much. For through entering the Land of Israel alone one is consumed by her and is changed into her holy essence. Therefore, even "walking four cubits in the Land of Israel [one is assured to have a place in the world to come]"; but if his will is not at all for serving HaShem, to annul his evil - what will settling the Land of Israel benefit him? For she spews him out in the aspect of "which spewed...". (From Likutei Moharan I, 129)

14. Through the holiness of the Land of Israel one merits faith, and through this, one merits patience; meaning to break anger, depression, laziness, heaviness and he will quicken himself very much in serving HaShem and no obstacle or delay can confuse him, for he becomes patient to suffer everything. (From Likutei Moharan I, 155; see sec. Faith, 35)

15. One must request from HaShem that he'll have longing and yearning for the Land of Israel until he merits to go there; and also [he must request] to have longing for the tzadikim of the Land of Israel, which is a segula to cancel out anger and depression. (There^)

16. How HaShem pays a person measure for measure is a great mercy, in order that he can scrutinize his deeds through this, and this idea is essentially in the Land of Israel. (From Likutei Moharan I, 187)

17. The Land of Israel is the summation of holiness of all [kinds of] holiness and there can one merit to leave the natural and know and believe that everything is of [divine] providence alone. This is the summation of holiness whereby one can be able to imitate HaShem and to distinguish between light and darkness. Then one merits to tell tales of true tzadikim, for he knows to distinguish between the deeds of the true tzadikim and the opposite. Then he merits to purify thought via the tales of the tzadikim and to sweeten judgments. Through this one is saved from all troubles. (From Likutei Moharan I, 234)

18. The essence of the mind and wisdom is only in the Land of Israel. Even Israel outside the Land receive and feed all their mind and wisdom from the Land of Israel. Everyone among Israel has a portion in the Land of Israel and according to his portion thus he sustains and receives his wisdom from the Land of Israel. However, when one damages the honor of HaShem, God forbid, through this he falls from the mind of the Land of Israel to the mind of outside the Land and by this dispute and quarrels are made for the mind of outside the Land corresponds to dispute. (From Likutei Moharan II, 71)

19. The mind of the Land of Israel corresponds to pleasantry, corresponding to the pleasantness of the Torah, corresponding to peace. Through charity, particularly charity for the Land of Israel, a vessel is created to receive the impacts of this pleasantry. Then one is able to repair even the mind of outside the Land. However, when the mind of outside the Land is damaged very much, through people having damaged the honor of HaShem, then they can't repair it. Rather, this mind of outside the Land also damages the mind of the Land of Israel which corresponds to peace. Thus, dispute is also made in the Land of Israel. This is the matter, that now there is dispute in the Land of Israel and abroad. (There^)

20. The graves of the true tzadikim are holy with the holiness of the Land of Israel, literally. As it is written, "tzadikim will inherit the Land", and the Land of Israel is a great remedy for damaging the brit. Therefore, one must make an effort to come to their graves, for the place of their graves is holy and it is a great remedy for a damage of the brit. (From Likutei Moharan II, 109)

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