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Likutei Etzot (Compilations of Advice), Brit - Its Damage and Rectification 41-50

Brit - Its Damage and Rectification (continued)

41. When your marital relations are in holiness and your break your soul that lusts, that is, your animalistic soul, and it is like a demon forces you - through this, you'll have surviving/healthy children because death of children, God forbid, is a result of the animalistic soul. (Likutei Moharan I, 39)

42. Also your marital relations need to be on the night of the Sabbath in order that you'll have living and surviving/healthy children. (There^)

43. One must be careful from hearing words of a wicked person who has knowledge, for his words give birth to promiscuity by the listener, because his words are venomous words of promiscuity and they enter the body of the listener. (Likutei Moharan I, 43)

44. One who damages his brit corresponds to the bitter water, putrid water, impure seed - and then he is not able to pray, as corresponding to [the negative aspect of the verse] "all my bones will say..." (Psalm 35). That is, he is unable to taste the sweetness of the words of prayer, and then a dog comes to eat his sacrifice, that is his prayer. This corresponds to bitterness, the aspect of a double-edged sword, Geihinnom. However, through shmirat habrit is the aspect of sweet water, clear water, holy seed - and then his words are sweet and good and when they leave his mouth and are heard by his ears, then the sweetness of the words enter into his bones. Then his prayer corresponds to [the positive aspect of the verse] "all my bones will say" (Psalm 35), and then a lion comes to eat his sacrifice. (Likutei Moharan I, 50)

45. Know that the brazen-faced in the generation are the dogs, and they stand and dispute the prayer of the Israelite man who has not yet repaired his brit completely. (There^)

46. One who damages his brit should guard himself from [literal] dogs and from the sword [that is, literal weapons, warfare, and fighting]. (There^)

47. Through subduing the impure spiritual forces of Amalek, which is damaging the brit, and [through which] he attains tikun habrit - through this one merits double abundance which corresponds to the double [portion of] bread on the Sabbath (the Israelites were able to collect double the amount of manna on the sixth day so that they would have enough for the Sabbath without having to gather it on that day -translator's note), corresponding to double/repeated/learning Torah. Through this one merits to author new Torah insights on the Sabbath, doubled. The Sabbath provides abundance to the rest of the worlds, it sends its illuminations to all the levels, it heals the soul and the body, and the world is awoken to repentance from love [through it]. And then, all the good [people] in the generation are healed and made honorable in the eyes of people. Through this, everyone receives new Torah insights that the tzadik provided on the day of the Sabbath. (Likutei Moharan I, 58)

48. Through the vanity of beauty, that is that one isn't protected from the beauty of women, one comes to deceitful charm. For there are several kinds of deceitful charm that people do while standing, eating, and speaking with [other] people. For everything there is another specific charm. All these kinds of deceitful charm come through not being careful with the beauty of women. (Likutei Moharan I, 60)

49.Through the vanity of beauty comes poverty. (There^)

50. Through promiscuity breath, which is the main life-force of a person, is stopped. Through this, the moisture of the body is dried up and through that the mind and intellect are damaged. For essentially, the intellect [is sustained] through the moisture and fats of the body. Therefore, all of those who are crazy get that way through promiscuity, as is known. Thus, the rest of people who aren't exactly crazy, yet they have a lot of lack and confusion of mind, all of it comes through promiscuity which dries the moisture and fats of the body since through that the intellect is damaged. (There^)

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