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Likutei Etzot (Compilations of Advice), Brit - Its Damage and Rectification 51-60

Brit - Its Damage and Rectification (continued)

51. Through fear, that is, fear of heaven, of one's Rabbi, and of one's father and mother - one is saved from the beauty of women and from deceitful charm and he merits wealth. (From Likutei Moharan I, 60; see sec. Fear)

52. One who marries a woman for money is an idiot and a fool and he damages and loses his knowledge and intellect. Through it, he'll have indecent children. (From Likutei Moharan I, 69)

53. [Giving] a secret gift is a remedy for a nocturnal emission, God forbid. (From Likutei Moharan I, 83)

54. The main damage of the brit is through of sadness and depression; and also the opposite: the main shmirat habrit is through joy. (From Likutei Moharan I, 169; see sec. Joy)

55. The lust for intercourse is one of the three lusts that deplete and damage the fear that is in the heart. Through receiving Shavuot properly divine knowledge is drawn to repair this lust, and through it one merits fear and an influx of prophecy into prayer. (From Likutei Moharan II, 1; see sec. Fear and sec. Yom Tov)

56. The lust for intercourse is according to the milk that one nursed off of in his youth. Therefore, one must carefully protect a baby that it will nurse from an fit woman because when a baby nurses from a brazen woman, then the lust for promiscuity increases in him [when he comes of age], God forbid. Thus to the opposite, when [a baby] nurses from an fit woman [the baby will] not have the heat of this lust, except for a little bit which is needed for the commands of Torah. (There^)

57. Through the pride of the leaders and the famed charlatans the lust for promiscuity increases in the world and through that comes destruction of seed, God forbid, corresponding to "his flesh is sealed up" (Leviticus 15:3) which is the seal of the forces of evil. It is impossible to be spared from this except through the power of the defenders of the generation who are the tzadikim and the fit ones who are called "defenders of the land" (Psalm 47:10); they have a great war in this matter, and they elevate the aspect "his flesh is sealed up" to the aspect of the seal of holiness which is the aspect of tefillin which [represent] the shining of the mind. For the main rectification of the mind is according to [the amount of] breakage of this lust which is when these thoughts very much overpower one to the point that he can come to a nocturnal emission, God forbid, corresponding to "his flesh is sealed up"; but instead he very much overcomes, breaking and divorcing the thoughts from him, drawing upon himself holy thoughts.
Through this, one elevates "his flesh is sealed up" to [the aspect of] tefillin which are the seal of holiness, the shining of the mind. Everyone needs to receive strength from these "defenders of the land" to overpower the [bad] thoughts and turn them into a holy mind. Everyone must know this: that all the more that [bad] thoughts increase - when one overcomes against them and runs from [being sucked into] them and breaks them, he is making a very big rectification and he elevates holiness from the forces of evil; he [also] draws the aspect of the holiness of tefillin which are the shining of the mind, to know and to make known HaShem's Godliness in the world.
The more [bad thoughts] increase against one, the more the aspect of the rectification of tefillin is made when one overcomes the greatness of their proliferation, breaking them. For only for this [reason] were these thoughts and wicked, foreign ideas sent against him - in order that he'll flip them around and that the rectification of tefillin, exactly, will be made from them. (From Likutei Moharan II, 5)

58. Through breaking thoughts of promiscuity and [thus] meriting a rectification of the mind as stated above, one merits to a dream via an angel and then he is called a human. Thus it is to the opposite: when the mind is not pure, then the dream is via a demon, God forbid, and then he is made to seem like an animal. (There^)

59. Food also has a part in a dream. Therefore, sometimes a dream is damaged [into] the aspect of a dream via a demon, God forbid, because of food; and one can come to a nocturnal emission because of this, God forbid. The remedy for this is joy, and to strengthen oneself to be in joy. (There^)

60. Also, sometimes through Rabbis and [Torah] judges who are not fit, who distort the judgement, comes a nocturnal emission, God forbid. The remedy for this is the 'connection of the Divine Chariot', which is what [our] ancestors established to say before sleep: "In the Name of HaShem...from my right: Michael..." - that's the 'connection of the Divine Chariot' and it is a segula to be spared from a nocturnal emission that comes through the distortion of judgment by the [Torah] judges who are not fit. (There^)

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