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Likutei Etzot (Compilations of Advice), Brit - Its Damage and Rectification 61-71 (end)

Brit - Its Damage and Rectification (continued)

61. The mind and divine knowledge of a person shields him against the lust for promiscuity. For there are three brains in a person, and each is a spread partition against this lust. The essential increase of this lust is through the spirit of folly. Therefore, every person needs to know and remember this, that every time these thoughts want to overpower him, God forbid, he should run away immediately from this spirit of folly unto divine knowledge and spread out the partitions of the mind against this lust because the true divine knowledge shields against this lust exactly like a partition. Understand this, because it is impossible to explain this, only each one will understand from himself how to run away from and deflect his mind from the spirit of folly, and to draw himself to divine knowledge which is the aspect of a spread partition against them [the thoughts]. (From Likutei Moharan II, 8)

62. Through anger and cruelty the mind is damaged and through this comes the lust for promiscuity, God forbid. Then, prayer corresponds to judgment and the forces of evil nourish from it. And then, one of great strength is needed to pray a prayer corresponding to judgment, and through this everything is rectified, see further. (There^)

63. Everyone among Israel, according to his purity and holiness, thus has an aspect of the Messiah. He must guard well not to damage his aspect of the Messiah. The principle is that he should guard himself from promiscuity and he needs to guard himself much even from the scent of promiscuity because it damages his aspect of the Messiah. (From Likutei Moharan II, 32)

64. The spirit of the Messiah is made a spirit of zeal and it goes to zealously avenge every place where there is the damage of promiscuity. Even in a place where there is no complete promiscuity, only a minuscule damage, it also jealously avenges through this because the greatness of the holiness and purity of the aspect of the Messiah isn't able to suffer even a minuscule damage of promiscuity and it zealously avenges because of this, God forbid. (There^)

65. When relations, that is, a fit man and woman without any unacceptable trace, and their marital relations are proper and in great holiness; then through their relations an upper union is made and their relations are extremely precious. (There^)

66. Through tikun habrit one can bring out the words of prayer like arrows from a bow. Then is the beginning of the beam of the Messiah, and then one comes to the holiness of the Sabbath and he is made a free man who merits the utmost end of awareness. Then he stretches his leprous body which is the skin of the snake, and he dons Sabbath garments; that is, a holy body from the Garden of Eden. Then his mazal his raised up and he merits riches, his good inclination is strengthened, and [his] sadness and clowning-jest are canceled out. Through this, he raises those who fall into bad love and bad fear, and he raises them to holy love and holy fear and removes the darkness from their eyes, Then their eyes will see wonders and it is considered as if he created the world. Through this he elevates the requests and supplications that are prayed and the redemption that is dependent on the heart is aroused to cancel out the leavening of the evil heart of man that remains in him since his youth. Then he is able to become enthusiastic at learning Torah with a blaze of mercy. Mighty waters, which are the foreign love and fear, cannot extinguish this enthusiasm, and the divine presence, with her wings, covers over Israel's blood with this love, so that the seed of the wicked will not control them who are the waters of the flood. All this one merits through tikun habrit. (From Likutei Moharan II, 83)

67. Through damaging the brit it is difficult for a person to find his mate; and even if he finds his mate, she'll oppose him and won't go after his will will. However, through the kavanot of [the month of] Elul damage in the brit is fixed and through that, one merits to find his mate and she'll go after his will. (From Likutei Moharan II, 87). See the secret of the kavanot of Elul inside: [Likutei Moharan I,] 6.

68. To say the ten chapters of Psalms is a great remedy for a nocturnal emission, God forbid. These are they: "Mikhtam of David" (16), "Maskil of David" (32), "Fortunate is one who considers the poor" (41), "As a deer yearns" (42), "For the leader, al-tashheth" (59), "For the leader, on the yeduthun" (77), "A prayer of Moses" (90), "Thank HaShem, call on His name" (105), "On the rivers of Babylon" (137), "Praise God in His holy place" (150). One who merits to say them on the same day doesn't need to dread the great damage of the occurrence, God forbid, any longer because it is definitely rectified through this. (From Likutei Moharan II, 92)

69. When thoughts of promiscuity come upon one's mind and he breaks his lust and averts his mind from them, this is one's main repentance and rectification for damaging the brit, which one previously damaged, each according to his matter. For this is exactly the aspect of weighty repentance and by this one brings out the sparks of holiness that fell through the damage of the brit and through this he merits tikun habrit. Through this he'll merit to purify wisdom and the voice as we brought above in 23, and he merits peace, which through that one is able to draw the whole world to serving HaShem. (There^; see sec. Thoughts and Musings, 2)

70. The graves of the true tzadikim are holy with the holiness of the Land of Israel exactly, and the Land of Israel is a great remedy for damaging the brit. (From Likutei Moharan II, 109)

71. Now it is easier to withstand in tests because there were already several tzadikim and decent men who withstood great and mighty tests in this lust, until that now, easily, even a simple man can withstand a test - if he wants to spare his life in this world and in the next world forever. (From Sihot HaRan 114)

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